Construction Recruitment - Should my business hire an apprentice?

Why employers should be looking to recruit construction apprentices in 2020 – 2021

Our construction recruitment agency has become aware of an age-old question within the Construction industry over the years – and that is, do we employee an apprentice / trainee or not?

And while there may be some convincing arguments for the latter, the pros will always outweigh the cons identified in this conundrum.

  1. Apprenticeships are a way to upskill current workers

In the past, many Construction Industry businesses have hired new employees to commence Apprenticeships but there is now a shift within the industry for businesses to upskill current employees through an apprenticeship.

Upskilling is a process that businesses should undertake with competent and loyal employees but unfortunately at times training costs can be exorbitant. Allowing current employees to undertake an apprenticeship that is tailored for their industry will ensure that the apprentice undertakes several training courses with no costly price tag to the company.

This process of upskilling provides a well-trained and technically equipped work force to undertake your company operations with the highest regard to quality, safety and the environment.

  • Government Incentives are always a bonus

As an employer of an Australian Apprentice you may be eligible for financial assistance from both the Australian Government and individual state governments / organisations to help with hiring and training an apprentice.

These incentives range from wage subsidies, commencement, recommencement and completion incentives, Additional Identified Skills Shortage payment, Rural and Regional Skills Shortage incentive, payment Support for Adult Australian Apprentices, Mature Aged Worker incentives and Australian School-based Apprenticeship incentives.

The subsidies and incentives provided by these government organisations allows your business to grow your workforce with trained personnel at a fraction of the price it would normally cost. And by providing an individual with a workplace training apprenticeship you are contributing to strengthening not only your business but the Construction Industry overall.

  • The Employer sets the standard

As a Construction Company there is a standard that is set by your business which reflects the work performed by your employees and the end result you deliver to your Clients. This standard is created by an immeasurable amount of time and effort normally from within management and is then set as a requirement for all future employees.

Hiring an apprentice and training them in your company standards of behaviour, professionalism and technical competence ensures that your business will always maintain its high-level reputation and assist in preventing issues of employee non-compliance in the future.   

  • Apprentices allow senior staff to focus on their trade tasks

As an employer there is always deadlines to meet and allowing your senior staff / tradesman to be freed up from the non-technical tasks ensures the work program is not compromised. Using apprentices within your business to perform the long list of generic tasks is an efficient way to save both time and money on your projects. And by freeing up the time of your tradies, it then allows them extra time to spend teaching and mentoring your apprentices

So the next time you are looking to grow and strengthen your employee group, spending the time considering the benefits of an apprenticeship within your business may be well worth it.

Get in touch with our construction recruitment agency based in Brisbane to find out more.

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