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What Candidates in the Civil Construction Industry are saying!!

Our civil construction recruitment agency recently interviewed one of our Project Manager Candidates Paul, who is seeking a Project Manager role in either the Civil Construction or Infrastructure Industries.

  1. What type of role are you looking for at the moment?

My existing role of Project Manager was made redundant by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently I am searching for a Project Manager role either at home or FIFO where possible. My experience has mainly been in large scale Civil Construction and Infrastructure Projects, throughout all states of Australia, over 17 years.

  1. How long have you been looking for a role?

I have been in the open Civil Construction and Infrastructure job market since May 2020. I used June and July to undertake minor renovations around the home, but since August I have scaled up my job seeking, with no prevail yet.

  1. How has COVID-19 affected your job seeking experience compared to previous times?

For the first time in a very long time, I have had to go looking for a new role. I have been fortunate enough in the past, with both my experience and qualifications to continually move from Project to Project, with little down time, and much ease to be honest.

Several Civil Construction and Infrastructure Projects were put on hold (in the earlier half of the year) and with the Industry still recovering, as well as the economy, it could be a while before we see a number of roles up for grabs.

  1. When looking for a role what are you looking for in both the job itself and the employer?

When I am looking for a role, I am looking for a good balance between work roster, salary and Project Time. I have also in the past sacrificed on all those three aspects just to undertake a project that has never been done before to add some firsts to my employment resume.

Regarding an employer, I always research to see what their employee benefits are and what they stand for as a company in terms of values and their standing in the marketplace.

  1. Is there anything about the current employment sector you see as a negative

Currently I have noticed that there has been several roles advertised via Labour Hire that would normally be advertised and hired to be a permanent role.

As a candidate, in a management role, I have never been on Labour Hire books and would honestly prefer to not be given the choice.

I understand that some companies are going down the Labour Hire role to reduce their costs and commitment to personnel they bring onboard, due to the unprecedented and volatile markets. I believe that with the number of employment contracts that can be used (even on a project basis) that would be a more positive experience for all.

  1. If there were one thing advertising employers could do different, what would that be for you?

As a candidate looking for work, I believe one thing that advertising employers could do different is that they could ensure that they always get back to people who have applied. There have been several roles that I have applied for where I have heard nothing back at all. Even if it’s a NO most people would like to know, so they know where they stand.

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