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Is Relocation the new trend in Construction Recruitment for 2020?

Three and a half years ago I relocated from Victoria to Queensland for work.

And after the latest COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria over the last 6 months, relocation is also starting to look like a very viable option for many southerners.

So, lets take a look at why relocation is becoming the new trend in Construction Recruitment in 2020 / 2021 and why it just might make sense to consider it.

  1. Relaxed COVID restrictions in Northern State

Many Australian residents, in particular Victorians, have been living in isolation without a place of employment and reliable income. As the months have dragged on, residents are questioning their lifestyles and how they can better their situation, and watching their Northern Countrymen living lives that are quiet close to normal has created an urge for them to make the move North.

The uncertainty of what Victoria is still yet to face in this pandemic and whether the restrictions will continue to ease also puts another tick in the pro’s column for relocation.

  1. Construction, Mining and Infrastructure Industries are ramping up

As Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory recovers from the pandemic, the Construction, Mining and Infrastructure Industries are ramping up. All three states are recording job growth with many more projects ready to kick off in 2021.

Prior to COVID-19, many states relied on a specialised workforce within these industries which required employees sourced from every part of the country. Border Closures automatically stopped many of these FIFO employees being able to access their normal place of employment, forcing companies to either re-hire within their own state or give employees the chance to permanently relocate to the state of their employment.

With Border Closures not looking to ease anytime soon, relocation packages on offer (varying between companies paying 50% up to even 100% of the costs), have been well received by many employees.

  1. Wider Candidate Pool for Companies to access

Prior to COVID-19, many potential candidates were restricted to their City / Town and State of residence for employment opportunities. But unprecedented times have called for unprecedented actions and companies are taking full opportunity of this where they can.

Some Companies are advertising for a local role throughout the country; putting the feelers out there to see if any candidate who meets their requirements (no matter their location) is interested in a sea change, to further their career. Offering an enticing relocation package allows the candidate to strongly consider these interstate roles; knowing the cost of relocation (which is usually the main concern of candidates) is taken care of.

  1. JobKeeper is coming to an end

The Federal Government is making changes to JobKeeper as September 2020 comes to an end. Some employees will continue to be covered but many might find themselves either without a place of employment or a lowered government supported income, which will limit their ability to cover their financial responsibilities.

At a time when many are re-assessing their employment and living situations, Australians are going to be looking for a more viable option to survive out the remainder of the pandemic and recover from the damage it has created. And with stronger economies and industries bouncing back in neighbouring states, relocation may not be as far fetched as it once was.

As a potential candidate / employee you need to do what you have to do to survive and provide financial stability for your personal situation and, relocation just may be the answer to your problems.

As an employer there is amazing pool of candidates that may not have ever previously been on offer as an option to benefit your business – why not put it out there nationally to see what interest comes your way.







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