Interview with our Business Support Manager – Erika Anquetil (Construction Recruitment Specialist)

This week we decided to Interview our Business Support Manager here at Linked Industries – Erika Anquetil Construction Recruitment Specialist.

How long have you been working with Linked Industries? How would you describe your experience working for Linked Industries?

I have been working with Linked industries for just over 2 years now; I am really enjoying working in Construction Recruitment with Linked Industries.

I love the Linked Industries “No bullshit” approach to recruitment. This kind of approach is just what the Construction Industry needs. It is refreshing working with a company that looks after its clients, candidates and staff and genuinely has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Give us a little background on your own personal work history

I started working in the Construction Industry in New Zealand in 1998 in an Administration Position. In 2004 I started studying WHS within the Construction Industry and moved into a Health and Safety Coordinator role implementing a WHS system for a Construction Company of over 150 people. I was also involved in the Recruitment of staff and assisting with all HR functions.

In 2008 I made the move to Australia where I took an Office Manager role for a Civil Construction company. For the last 2 or so years I have been working with Linked Industries supporting the business with all aspects of Recruitment.

What do you like the most about working in the Recruitment Industry?

I like helping people finding great roles with good companies!! We are lucky enough to work with some great clients and finding them the perfect candidates is always exciting and very rewarding.

Give us one very interesting fact about you

I am petrified of heights, I don’t even like buildings with balconies!!

For all our candidates out there, what advice would you give for being successful in an interview?

Be yourself, be honest and don’t be afraid to pause and think about the question before you answer. When the time comes ask as many questions as you need to; you also need to be sure that the company is the one you want to work with and that you fit their culture.

What is a big mistake most people make on their resumes?

Working with Linked Industries, I have seen 1000’s of resumes and the biggest mistake I see is Candidate’s making their resume over detailed. Remember, employers or Recruitment Agencies get 100’s of applications they need to review. So keep it simple and straight to the point. Make sure you emphasize your recent roles more and keep the older stuff brief, unless it is really relevant to the position you are applying for.

What do you believe employers could do better in their search for the perfect candidate?

I think employers need to be a bit more open minded and ask questions before making judgments on candidates. We see a lot of this in the Civil Construction Industry with people who have done a majority of project work. Their resume can look like they have had many roles and some employers look at this, as they might move on quickly, where as the candidate might be looking for something more permanent and closer to home.

We also see this in Civil Engineering where Engineers have worked for a lot for Tier 1 Construction Companies and they want to move to a smaller Construction Company for a change in experience

Do you believe Cover Letters still have a purpose in Construction Recruitment?

Absolutely, this is your opportunity to brag about yourself and make the employer want to meet you!!

Whether it be an actual cover letter you attach with your application or an introduction on an email, this should include a brief introduction about yourself and what interests you about the advertised role.

You should also make sure you address the advertised selection criteria, for example if the ad states you need to have 5 year experience in Civil Engineering, you can address this by outlining your experience in Civil Engineering. Once you have covered the selection criteria and how you meet their requirements, it’s good to finish it off with a paragraph on why you are perfect for the role.

Remember the person hiring you would have read at least 10 other cover letters, so try and be a little creative and stand out from the others. Keep it brief and don’t over think it.

Give one piece of advice to Candidates looking for Construction Industry work right now

2020 has been one hell of a year with many being stood down, jobs lost and unemployment at a record high. However, there are still roles out there; people are still recruiting, and the Construction Industry is still going ahead.

My advice would be to make your resume and cover letter relevant to the roles you are applying for; review your resume before just sending it. The person reading your cover letter and resume are looking to see how your skills and experience meet their requirements.

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