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How to write an effective Job Advertisement in 2020?

There is nothing worse than a job advertisement that kind of communicates what a role is really about! As a construction recruitment agency, we know what it takes to attract the right candidate for your business.

If you are looking for the perfect candidate to enhance your business, you need to attract them with all the perks you have to offer.

Your goal should be to entice them to apply before they have even finished reading your ad.

  1. Create an eye-grabbing title

The job advertisement title is the first thing they will read from your ad and normally this is also the key words they will type into their google or career site searches. Why not use the role title followed by some amazing reasons (in one or two words) they should work for you!

  1. Show them who you are and what your about

Candidates are always wanting to know more – in a sentence or two highlight your business; what you stand for, your values and why you are a desired place of employment. The type of candidate you are trying to attract to fit into your business will resonate with your words and it will intrigue them to read on.

Advertise proudly what you are going to offer them in return for their services; its not always the money that sells a role. There are more people these days  searching for alternatives to monetary compensation; be it gym memberships, free parking, in-house day care, extra paid days off, working from home or varied work rosters, there are a number of ways you can reel in new employees.

  1. Be very specific

In regard to any requirements of the role be it training, experience, location, qualifications or specific job tasks; be as specific as you can be. Candidates appreciate honesty and knowing exactly where they stand from the start will not waste their time or yours.

If you highlight and be very specific with the non-negotiables that are required for the role, candidates can automatically determine whether or not they fit the bill. Make sure you lay out your specific non-negotiables using bullet points and feel free to make the most important aspect stand out by making the text bold.

Listing an application closure date on the job advertisement informs potential candidates of when they can expect to hear from you, eliminating some of that extra follow up they may undertake while you are trying to process applicants.

  1. Advertise the $$$$$$$

The salary or salary range is one of the primary aspects of whether an applicant will apply or not apply for your role. They want to know how much is on offer to determine whether it is worth their time and effort to actually apply.

A salary range is a great way to show flexibility and commitment from your business and maybe attract a candidate that may not have applied with just a one figure salary listed.

  1. Don’t be afraid to put it out there

Using you job advertisement to state what you are NOT requiring in a candidate is perfectly fine and finalises to the applicant whether or not they are suited to apply. A statement at the end of the ad like – “We will only accept and progress applications from personnel who meet the above role requirements” ensures that you are not left dealing with a large number of unsuitable candidates.

This may not always deter the unsuitable candidates, but it should assist with saving you time in processing the number of qualified applicants.


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