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Retaining your employees in 2019

People say good help is hard to find, so why do companies consistently fail to put real efforts into retaining dedicated and loyal employees.

The employment world has changed from what it was 10 – 20 years ago. There is freedom for employees to change their role, location and company as many times as they like, not succumbing to the old-school approach of staying in the same position for years on end.

With this is mind employees have the advantage to “shop around” the employment marketplace for a role that either benefits their bank balance, lifestyle options, family choices and / or career development.

So as employers, the time is now to retain those employees that bring value to your business. Honesty is always the key – being completely honest with them, allows them to reciprocate the behaviour in return.

Now retaining employees does not necessarily mean the dated approach of elevating an annual salary. Use the following tips to assist you in retaining your valuable staff

1. Ask and Listen

Talk to your employees; get to know them on a personal level. Ask them what do they want from you as an employer? And actually listen to their responses; you will learn so much from listening to your people.

Then act on what they have told you – there is nothing worse than someone who says they heard you but does nothing about it.

2. Offer Alternatives

There are so many factors that could make an employee feel they need to change their workplace. So as a new age employer give employees alternatives, where possible, that allows them to eliminate those factors / stresses:

* Allow them to work from home one day a week

* Allow them to start earlier / finish earlier

* Offer benefits – cover travel costs, gym memberships, up-skilling, incentive programs and child minding services

3. Recoginse great efforts

As employers we can get caught up in the daily running of the business, that we miss some of the small things. Take the time to recognise staff that excel, demonstrate your company values and continually put in the effort and hours.

Making the effort to make someone feel valued will always be appreciated and you may be surprised by what you get back in return.

Employees who feel “loved” in their place of work will continue to deliver in all facets of and continue to praise their workplace in this ever-critical social world.

So before 2019 comes to an end, take the time to ensure the retention of your employees, 2020 and your business will thank you.

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