Construction Recruitment After Covid 19

What does Construction Recruitment look like following COVID-19?

Using external recruitment companies has always been considered as a “luxury” to many Construction companies.

And if the consequences of COVID-19 have taught us anything it is that luxuries are the first to go!!

So what does recruitment now look like?

  1. Constructions Companies are tightening their spending belts

Prior to COVID-19, Many companies used external recruitment companies to save them the time of conducting the recruitment process themselves. They outsourced the hours of work including advertising, interviewing, resume reviewing and reference checking to allow them to continue operating their business.

The cost of recruiting was never really a concern to them as their businesses were thriving, there was continuous work on the horizon and who in their right mind would have guessed that a pandemic could bring the world and its economies to its knees.

But now we are seeing many companies within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure industries, taking on recruitment internally when it is still needed. Although saving them the money, businesses owners and managers now have the added stress of conducting this process on top of everyday operations.

  1. Candidates are not wanting to change roles or companies

A trend we have also started to notice is that many candidates when approached are far more hesitant on moving on, either in career or company. The Federal Government introducing the Job Keeper package has given many employees the stability they need through to March 2021 in a very uncertain time.

Candidates know that if they make move now, there is no back-up of Job Keeper at the new company and if the role is not a fit, they could be left without employment at all.

  1. Hiring permanent staff is currently not preferred

There has been a major trend in companies using Labour Hire solutions where possible in the last two months and companies are very reluctant to put new permanent staff on at all.

There are a few reasons for this; some companies just don’t have the continuity of work for the foreseeable future, they are unsure if they can sustain the overheads of permanent staff or they can make do with their current staffing arrangements with some Labour Hire Staff used to fill some gaps, at a much lower cost.

  1. Business Uncertainty

With outbreaks of COVID-19 happening throughout several states of Australia, and State Governments changing their minds and restrictions constantly, many businesses are unsure of what the future means for their business.

Most Industry Business Owners are watching with bated breath before they make any move on large spending, and unfortunately the majority of recruitment agencies are within that category.

But these times will not last forever and recruitment will always be required when companies are overrun with work or require specialised assistance in the employment area of their business .

The Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure industries will bounce back; they have always been the backbone of this country and as it thrives again so will the professional services, like Recruitment Agencies, that continue to support them.

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